Monday, November 6, 2006

Borat in Romania

The film

Borat: Cultural learnings for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan

was partially filmed in Romania. All of the scenes where he is supposed to be in Kazakhstan are actually filmed right here. The characters in the villiage are not characters at all, but very poor people who were offered cash, and more excitement than the town has ever seen to play along with the antics of actor Sacha Coehn. It's sad but true, there are still places in Romania like the one seen in the film. Equally sad is the fact that people are willing to put a pricetag on their dignity whilest the whole world laughs at their predicament.

I'm sure the film is hillarious. The trailers I've seen ensure your stomach will be sore from laughter, so the film is probably a riot. But it does raise questions of Romainia's readiness to join the ranks of the so called "developed" nations of Europe in January 2007. I'm sure that many Romaians are looking at this trailer and asking themselves "Is this really happening in my country?"